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Flaps Super

 10.9cm X 4.0cm 


Flaps Max

 13.7cm X 4.0cm 


Flaps Business card


 8.3cm X 4.7cm 


Flaps Standard

 10.5cm X 3.1cm 


Flaps is the original magnetic page and line marker.

What is a Flaps?

It is a bookmark that attaches to any sheet of paper by an ingenious magnetic system. It is very practical for all types of readers allowing to take it out and put it countless times, indicating page and line. Flaps are ideal for use in books, manuals, folders, agendas and all reference material on paper.

How it works?

To indicate the page and the desired line simply slide, inserting the sheet chosen between its magnets. In this way it is magnetically attached to the sheet without moving from the place. Flaps allow to find instantly the exact page and line that we had pointed out speeding up the reading.

Can you print it customized?

Personalized Flaps are an exceptional communication item for all types of advertising messages, bringing additional prestige to the message because the product is associated with culture.

¿Tienen Flaps para venta en librerías y tiendas de obsequios?

Contamos con displays exhibidores y un amplio catalogo de diseños artísticos de moda para su venta en librerías, tiendas de regalos, etc. También los personalizamos acorde a la temática del lugar para museos y puntos turísticos. Flaps es un producto de alta rotación y muy buena rentabilidad.

Who makes the Flaps?

We are the genuine inventors of Flaps and it is manufactured integrally in our facilities in Argentina with last generation machinery, reflected in the quality of the product. We also have an agile service of national and international shipments.

Our main desire is that every person around the world who uses a Flaps will find in it a feeling of friendship and sympathy, as if it were a small and noble friend who helps him on his journey through the world of books.

We have extensive experience in international shipping.

modelos señaladores magneticos

Personal Card Flaps

Height 8,3cm x Width 4,7cm folded

(printed surface 12,7 x 4,7cm)

A very practical reminder of great visual impact.

Standard Flaps

Height 10,5cm x Width 3,1cm folded

(printed surface 14,7 x 3,1cm)

Of great versatility, ideal for books of all sizes.

Super Flaps
Height 10,9 cm x Width 4cm folded

(printed surface 14,7 x 4cm)
Subtly larger than standard
recommended for insert. 

Max Flaps
Height 13,7cm x Width 4cm folded

(printed surface 18 x 4cm)
Ideal for Images and Texts

Sizes & Presentations
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