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magnetic bookmark history



From an idea to a product...
From a product to an invention...
From an invention to the world.

Flaps was born one summer night as an idea after the inventor lost the reading when the conventional bookmark fell. That was the beginning of the road we are traveling... With a lot of effort, high production devices and machinery were created to introduce the product in the market with international quality levels. These are some of the things that have happened and seem to be taken from an adventure story and they are... From a simple idea to an innovative product and then many of the most renowned companies around the world choose Flaps as the vehicle that communicates their brands and advertising campaigns. It has been a dream come true full of challenges overcome with hard work and God's help.


Other very important achievements of Flaps are having obtained prestigious international awards such as: Silver Medal at the 22nd most important Asian Innovation Fair in Seoul Korea - First Prize and Gold Medal at the most important exhibition of inventions in the world 33rd International Invention Fair in Geneva Switzerland. Wide diffusion in the journalistic media and to achieve to have the patents as much Argentina as the international US.

some achievements
señalador magnético flaps premios
First prize Switzerland

First prize awarded by the international press at the 33rd international invention fair Geneva Switzerland.


Our national and international Patents and Trademarks.

Patent Arg. AR019961B1

United States Patent: 7,066,494


Trademarks registered in Argentina, Chile and European Union.

señalador magnético flaps premios 2
Gold Medal

Gold Medal, first prize at the 33rd International Invention Fair Geneva Switzerland.


señalador magnético flaps premios 3
Oscar for invention

Granted by the World Intellectual Property Organization. Delivered by Mariana Biro daughter of Ladislao Biro inventor of the pen.

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